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Pinpoint - Katie Bethune-Leamen + Kate Terry

Date: 31 January – 25 February 2005


Kate Terry’s art practice mimics the strategies of hobbyists and do-it-yourself projects. Terry selects cheaply manufactured utilitarian and craft materials in her favourite colours, manipulating them to produce works with a hand-made aesthetic. For Pinpoint, Terry has produced her ninth Thread Installation, basing its configurations on the particulars and idiosyncrasies of the text+work gallery. Terry has utilised pretty pink thread and everyday straight pins to create a phenomenological, optical illusion that makes it unclear where the installation begins and ends. Occupying the majority of the space with hundreds of stretched threads, it leaves the gallery neither full nor empty. It is spectacularly non-heroic.

Terry’s series of drawings in Pinpoint reference the generic drawing styles of instructional illustrations, Dover books, and product packaging. Terry creates line drawings of gesticulating hands that signal, offer helpful guidance, demonstrate hobby-skills, form hand shadows or display craft related injuries. The drawings in Pinpoint are titled by lyrics from Bon Jovi’s number one hit, You Give Love a Bad Name, and illustrate sentiments of lost love.

Also shown are colour coordinated instructional kits for self-installations that Terry produces and markets. The kits are a hybrid of the hobby/craft sensibility of Martha Stewart (America’s doyenne of home-making) and Sol LeWitt’s instructional wall drawings. Like Ikea products, the kits not only provide instructions for making an installation, but also all the materials required for self-assembly.

Hand-made in small editions, the kits offer an opportunity to complete Terry’s work. Their step-by-step instructions explain how, and in which specific spots within a gallery or home, the installations, whose elements are contained in the kit, should be implemented, but leave it unclear as to whether the kits should remain an object of a collection or be realized as an installation by the owner.

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